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​Qur'anic Arabic Studies

Qur’anic Arabic Studies

Over the past decade, great strides have been made in making Quranic Arabic accessible for Muslims in America. Many organizations such as Bayyinah and Qalam have done an amazing job in leading this effort. As a result, we have seen the many weekends and adult-oriented programs come to fruition that teaches Quranic Arabic comprehension. In addition, we have also seen the rise of private masterclasses that work with small groups of adults in teaching them Quranic Arabic.

Unfortunately, all of these programs have been focused and geared towards adults. In our society, there is a tremendous need for these caliber programs that are specifically geared and tailored towards children. Research shows that learning a second language boosts problem-solving, critical-thinking, and listening skills, in addition to improving memory and concentration. Giving our children sound exposure to Quran Arabic comprehension and understanding from an early age will allow them to excel in understanding the depth and richness of our sacred tradition.

Alhumdulillah, at BHA-Houston, we have collectively embarked on this mission of creating a comprehensive curriculum that uses modern-day teaching techniques and technologies to teach our kids Quranic Arabic. It is our belief that by allowing our children to have a solid foundational understanding of Quranic Arabic, they will excel and grow into true leaders that emulate the prophetic teaching of our Messenger, peace be upon him.

Our goal is to have the curriculum developed by the Fall of 2021. Once our curriculum has been developed, we will work with leading experts in creating modules and training workshops that target the different age groups and leverage the different learning modalities of today.

In addition, our goal is to make this Quranic Arabic Immersion program easily accessible to children across the united states and work very closely with the leading Islamic Schools by incorporating this into the standard Islamic curriculum. By working with many Islamic schools, we can truly test and tweak our curriculum as needed in order to deliver the most value possible to our children.