BHU bhahouston


English / Language Arts:

The High School ELA curriculum follows the standards in a discussion-based classroom setting, with novel- driven curriculum and writing workshops in order to create a cooperative, collaborative environment to prepare students for future success.


In High school math, students are taught lessons to implement better problem-solving skills that help them think analytically and have better reasoning abilities to use in the world around them; apply mathematics to problems arising in everyday life, society, and the workplace.


In High school science, each lesson is planned by allowing students to Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate each topic. We also focus on using the scientific method to analyze various subject matters. Students are taught critical thinking and evaluation skills to prepare them for future studies and careers.

Social Studies & History:

The High school social studies lessons involve both group and group activities catering to a variety of different learning styles. Students use a multitude of interfaces to better understand the key principles of their subject matter in a way that allows for them to involve the knowledge learned in their everyday lives moving forward.


We teach the essentials of proper Quranic reading and recitation so that these skills can eventually be transferred to memorization of the Quran. This includes mastery of letter phonetics, Tajweed rules, and fluency of recitation. Furthermore, the students engage in the memorization of passages from the Quran in a fashion that is catered to their current reading and memorization abilities.


Arabic being the language of the Quran, is reinforced by the reading skills focused upon in the Quran classes. The goal of our curriculum is simple: understanding Allah’s message. Reinforcing the vocabulary, grammar, and common phrases that occur in Quranic verses throughout the curriculum by means of verbal exercises, games, written exercises, and readings ensures retention of Arabic that students will access recurrently throughout the Quran.

Islamic Studies:

We teach the tarbiya lessons of the Quran and Sunnah pertaining to the day to day life of an American child. Lessons are engaging and interactive to expose children to their faith in a manner that contextualizes their deen in order to counter the challenges of western life including opposition to faith, lifestyle, and social norms and empowers them to be confident in their beliefs, by satiating the curious mind of the 21st century, providing real answers to the questions they will face in life.