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Evening Maktab

Evening Maktab

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We at Spring Educational Foundation can understand the importance of having a structured Quran class where students progress in their Quran, but at the same time develop love for the Book of Allah. Our evening Quran classes are ran by two individuals Imam Hamzah Ghia and Sister Sajidah Lashkarwal who have years of experience and a great track record by the Permission of Allah. We hope by having people who understand the struggles of our children, we are able to use the teachings of His book and attach these young beautiful hearts to it.

Classes are Monday through Thursday. Students are all at different levels. We start from the teaching of the Qaidah Noorania, followed by Nazra Reading of the Quran with correct pronunciation, and then the start of Memorization. Since the after school window has a very little time frame, our aim is to continuously improve the program by adding additional qualified teachers, so students can receive full benefit and are able to move forward along with creating brotherhood and sisterhood amongst their peers.

The Prophet (saw) Said” The Best amongst you is the one who learns and teaches the Quran. May Allah grant us the ability to be from these people.