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Diversity & Equity

BHA strives to promote equity and diversity throughout our school. We believe students and teachers must seek to understand people with different experiences & backgrounds.

An important part of promoting equity and diversity is setting norms in the school that promote inclusion and openness: Teaching students how to disagree respectfully. Use Restorative Practices and promote self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. Challenge negative stereotypes immediately and openly. BHA creates class norms together with our students to give students ownership over their community. We are explicit about the way students in our school will be respectful to each other; and share ideas, opinions, and values. Being one of the most diversified schools, it is imperative we incorporate such tactics in our daily learning environment. After all, BHA’s mission is to develop practicing faith-based leaders who are lifelong learners that serve their diverse community and global society as respectful citizens.